1. Richard fighting Julia’s father?

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    I shudder to think how inefficient CPS would have been in the 20s.
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    Nah. I’m 80% positive this is about Paul going bananas because he doesn’t want to lose ANOTHER kid in the family. He’ll...
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    WOW Props to whomever got screen shots of that! I thought it might be Richard fighting someone but I wasn’t sure when i...
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    DUDE I THOUGHT IT WAS NUCKY AND OWEN. Oh my God what even?
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    The spoilers do say that “Harrow coerces an apology for Julia” in 3x10, and that he “loses his house privileges” in...
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    Vintagegrrl: Judging by this scene, I can only imagine that in his drunkenness, (have we ever seen him sober?), Paul...
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